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Why use a life coach?

Most of us have something that we would like to work on about ourselves, whether that be physical health related or lifestyle related. The thing is, we lose motivation, don't know exactly where to start, get overwhelmed at the thought of making changes, don't have the energy, and the list goes on. 

A coach guides you through self-discovery while providing support and accountability along the way, plus offers a new perspective and tools to make lasting changes.


Book a Discovery Session today!

In addition to a long career in the travel industry, my RYT-200hr Yoga Teacher certification and dual certification as a Health and Life Coach, I would like to work with the combination of these disciplines in order to empower people to uncover their personal power, live a truthfully aligned life and transform their lives through intentional travel experiences. I work with clients 1 on 1, am planning some workshops, as well as a transformative experience that culminates with a retreat. 

If you feel bogged down by life, health, money, career, spirituality or love, would like some accountability and support or simply want to learn more about how to live the life of your dreams, please book a Discovery Session with me today!


​​With Mandy’s guidance and encouragement, I feel myself learning to grow even at 68 years young.

Sheila K.

I appreciate the time you put into our session last week.  I felt like you came to the session with really good questions that made me think.  I could tell you tailored the session to what I filled out ahead of time.  And you had some really good ideas that I am working on already.

Sandy B.

Mandy was very calm and easy to talk to. She created a space that was safe and I felt zero judgement from her end.

Noel J.

Mandy is very intuitive, warm and friendly. She made me feel very at ease. She was able to help me let go of the stress that I put on myself.

Tracy S.

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